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Professional Carpentry Services by City Pro LLC in Mercer County

Your Trusted New Jersey Carpentry Experts

Tailored Carpentry Services

City Pro LLC stands out in New Jersey for its personalized carpentry and interior painting services. Our approach is simple: we listen to your needs and apply our skills to deliver exactly that. Whether you’re looking for custom furniture that fits your home like a glove, need unique woodwork that stands out, or desire a stunning interior paint job that transforms your space, our team has the expertise to make it happen.

We blend classic carpentry skills and the latest techniques in interior painting to ensure your woodwork and walls are not only beautiful but also functional. Our projects are a testament to our attention to detail and commitment to bringing your ideas to life. We aim to create pieces and spaces in your home with their own stories, reflecting your style and needs.

Home Enhancements

Our home carpentry services go beyond just making your space look good. They make it more liveable. It’s all about adding those finishing touches that turn a house into a home. From elegant trims to custom shelving, we ensure every piece fits perfectly and serves its purpose.


We work with you from start to finish, ensuring each project reflects your style. We understand that it’s important for your home to function how you need it to, and our carpentry services are the key. It’s not just work for us—it’s about enhancing your daily living space.

Other Services

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Commercial Carpentry Expertise

Businesses need carpentry that combines looks with practicality, and that’s what City Pro LLC delivers. Our commercial carpentry services are about creating spaces that impress your customers. We want to help you make your employees feel good about their workplace. We do everything from standout reception desks to efficient office layouts.


We also focus on the unique needs of retail spaces and craft fixtures that attract customers and enhance the shopping experience. We know that in business, time is money, so we aim to deliver high-quality carpentry that meets your deadline and budget.

Carpentry for Renovations and Upgrades

Renovating your space with City Pro LLC means getting carpentry that respects the past while embracing the future. We can modernize your home or office without losing its unique character. Our team has an exceptional talent for blending new carpentry with the old, creating a seamless transition.


When restoring older woodwork, we carefully handle each piece, restoring its beauty and ensuring it lasts. Whether you’re updating or preserving, our carpentry services ensure the result is something you can be proud of.

Outdoor Carpentry Creations

City Pro LLC knows a great outdoor space can be just as important as a beautiful interior. That’s why we offer carpentry services designed for the outdoors. From decks to pergolas, we build with quality and style in mind. We ensure your outdoor area is just as comfortable and inviting as your indoor space.


We tailor our outdoor projects to suit your lifestyle and taste. Our work is built to last. We use materials that can handle New Jersey’s weather so that you can enjoy your outdoor space year after year.

Why Choose Us

Why Trust City Pro LLC

Peace of mind comes standard with City Pro LLC — fully licensed and insured for safe, reliable service.

Licensed & Insured

Peace of mind comes standard with City Pro LLC — fully licensed and insured for safe, reliable service.

Skilled Craftsmanship

Our carpenters are artisans, bringing years of experience and meticulous attention to detail to your project.

Customer Satisfaction:

We're committed to exceeding expectations, ensuring every client is thrilled with the results.

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Eco-Friendly Practices

We believe in doing carpentry that’s good for you and the environment. City Pro LLC uses sustainable materials and building methods whenever possible. We’re committed to reducing our impact on the environment. We provide you with options that are both eco-friendly and durable.


Our team will walk you through the benefits of sustainable carpentry, from energy efficiency to better air quality. We’re not just building for today; we’re looking out for your future and the planet’s.

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